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Her debut single “Queen of My Mind” saw Bellsavvy speaking about her
own experiences in the modelling industry and how she was shamed for her
changing body weight. These dark and negative thoughts resulted in a loss
of self-confidence and self-love and Bellsavvy soon had a mental breakdown.
The track shined light on the artist overcoming these inner-battles,
resulting in a self-empowering anthem. Now, she is giving us the second chapter.
With her latest single “In My Zone”, Bellsavvy wants to let people know that she
has truly accepted who she is and she is now living life 100% herself and owning it.
She hit rock bottom and she has now found the light at the end of the tunnel.
Coming out of the darkness, “In My Zone” is a happy and self-assured song
about being comfortable in your own skin and knowing your self-worth.
Bellsavvy explains, “In my zone is about the moment
I knew I was the Queen of my mind and
I wanted to celebrate the feeling of breaking away from that chapter in my life.” 

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